• Paved and Gravel Roads:

    • The township board established the Hamilton Township Road Committee. There are 29 miles of gravel roads in the township. The only paved roads which run North and South are Hoover Avenue and Rodgers Road. Townline Lk Road is the only paved road which runs East and West. The above roads plus a portion of the Springwood Lake and Dodge Lake sub divisions are maintained by the Clare County Road Commission. The majority of roads in the Dodge Lake sub-division are contracted for maintenance and funded by an annual assessment.

    Road Improvements – Ongoing Commitment:

    • The Township Board is committed to an ongoing road improvement program. A portion of available funds are dedicated to these improvements. In prior years, the County Road Commission funded improvement projects at 50%. State funding to the County Road Commission been reduced townships are now required to pay 100% of the project. Typical projects are tree removal, ditching and re-gravel with six inches of compacted gravel. The average cost of one mile of re-gravel is $26,000. Residents wishing to discuss road conditions should contact a member of the road committee or the Township Supervisor, see directory for contact information.

    Road Committee:

    • The role of the committee is to inform the Township Board of road conditions and interface with the Township Board and County Road Commission. The committee members tour the township roads in the Spring and Fall to document road conditions with an emphasis on areas in need of minor repair and major improvement. This information is also presented to the Township Board and County Road Commission. Township residents who wish to volunteer to serve on the Road Committee should contact the Township Supervisor, see directory.


    Road Committee Members:

    • David Cooper (Chair)   989-539-5944
    • David Wright   989-329-9711
    • Mike Iutzi   989-539-2018


    Brining of Gravel Roads:

    • During late Spring and thru Fall, the gravel roads can become very dusty. This causes breathing problems for many residents and dangerous driving conditions due to the poor visibility. Another important issue is that blowing dust depletes the clay which is needed to maintain the base of the road. In May and also in August, the Township Board contracts Michigan Cloride Corporation to spread a mixture of heavy calcium chloride. Once applied, vehicles will pack the surface which keeps the dust from blowing. A rain shower will benefit the packing process. The approximate cost is $8,000 for each of the two applications.

    Dodge Lake Private Road Maintenance:

    Dodge Private Roads Committee members (2015 – 2016):

    • Leslie Walters 734-848-4754                                   dugnles0517@gmail.com

    • Larry Conquest 616-485-3509                                 conquestp@aol.com

    • Ed Cranson 989-418-6932                                       cransonedward886@gmail.com

    • Randy Robins 989-630-7157

    • The County Road Commission maintains the paved roads in Dodge Lake plus Swallow Street and the roads south of Swallow. All other roads are considered private roads and are maintained under contract. Keysor Excavating has performed the maintenance on the Dodge private roads since 2010. The contract covers grading, snow plowing, brining and extra gravel. The contract covers a set number of applications plus a charge for extras. Brining is applied prior to Memorial Day and also in August. Annually in July, a Dodge Private Roads meeting is held.  Dodge Lake residents are encouraged to attend to discuss maintenance issues, assessment amounts and appoint individuals to act as contacts for the maintenance.

    Following are improvements of the past:

    2008 – Clarence, East of HooverOne mile of re-gravel
    2009 – Athey, North of M-61One mile of re-gravel
    2010 – Cranberry Lk, East of HooverOne mile of re-gravel
    2010 – Clarence, West of HooverOne mile of re-gravel
    2011 – Clarence, East of AtheyOne mile of re-gravel
    2012 – Cranberry Lk, West of RodgersOne mile of re-gravel
    2012 – Townline Lk, East of HooverTree removal and ditching
    2013 – Springwood Lk, East of Rodgers

    Two miles of re-gravel & paved approach onto Rodgers, est. cost of $55,000

    Residents may report road conditions to David Cooper, 989-539-5944 or supervisor@hamiltontwp.us.