Welcome to Hamilton Township

Conveniently located in Clare County, Michigan between the towns of Harrison and Gladwin. Hamilton Township has a balance of farmland, small communities, lakes, rivers, and beautiful rolling landscape. Of the 2,600 property owners, many are retirees and or part time residents. Hamilton Township is a place to enjoy the peace, beauty and natural resources of northern Michigan.

The Township's fiscal year is July 1 through June 30th. During last years budget meetings we were unsure what the revenue would be for the year due to the pandemic. After the budget workshop for this next fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021 we were able to make adjustments to find enough money to brine one time this summer.
Currently township residents do not pay any taxes for brining or road projects. The possibility of putting a road millage on the ballot for the next election is a topic of discussion and resident input is welcome and encouraged.