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The building at 3042 Rodgers Rd., formerly known as the Dodge City Discount store, was renovated to be Hamilton Township Offices and Community Center

The building, formerly known as the Dodge City Discount store, was renovated to be the Hamilton Township Offices and Community Center.

National City Bank failed to pay 2010 and prior year property taxes on the building and e 9.75 acres. Hamilton Township exercised a state statute to acquire the property for “minimum amount”, the amount of taxes owed. Property acquired in this manner by a government entity must be for public use. Profit realized from transactions of this type must be directed to the County Delinquent Tax Fund. Township Attorney, David Dreyer, executed a procedure in circuit court to assure clear title of the property.

Township public meetings were held to gain ideas for use of the building and grounds. It became apparent that existing township facilities were lacking; space, parking and location, to further promote township business and provide a better facility for community activities. Discussions transpired regarding a recreational complex with basketball, horseshoes, soccer and walking trails. It was decided to proceed slowly with recreational improvements pending completion of the building renovation.

Many other townships funded new facilities in the past with grants. Township resident, Shannon Greaves assisted Hamilton by applying for over 30 grants. Few grants are being approved due to the slowed economy. Hamilton was successful by receiving a $10,000 a grant from Gerstacker Foundation of Midland, Michigan.

After many discussions, the Township Board voted to obtain estimates for the renovation. Intelligent-Design, an architect firm was hired to create a visual design, blueprints and a ball park cost estimate. This information was needed for public review. The design and estimates were presented at a township public meeting. The Township Board contracted with Intel-Design to finalize blue prints and solicit construction bids for the project.

Sealed bids were presented and opened at a special meeting held on November 7, 2012. The Hamilton board approved the project and selected Harwood Construction as general foreman for the project. Work began immediately with completion scheduled by the end of April 2013. Renovations included: offices, kitchen area, bathrooms, covered entrances, geo thermal heating/cooling system, insulation, generator power backup, vinyl siding (office building), steel roof (both buildings), energy efficient smaller windows, ceiling, lighting, vinyl flooring and a crushed rock parking lot.