Township Hall:

  • Our New Hall is located at 3042 N. Rodgers Rd.

Township Cemeteries:

  • Cemetery located on Hoover Avenue, just north of Cranberry Lake Road

  • Cemetery located on N. Rodgers Rd, just South of Stockwell Road


Hamilton Township Building Renovation

  • The building formerly known as the Dodge City Discount store has renovated for the new Hamilton Township offices and Community Center. Click Here for more information about the renovation of the building at 3042 Rodgers Rd.

Township Roads:

    Paved & Gravel Roads,
    Road Improvements,
    The Road Committee,
    Brining of Gravel Roads,
    Dodge Lk. Private Road Maintenance

Republic Services Rubbish Collection:

The annual contract price for weekly rubbish collection is $118.90 plus a fuel recovery charge over $3.50 per gallon. Included in this price is rubbish and yard waste collection, recycling and a scrap tire collection.

  • Rubbish Collection:
    Tuesday will continue to be rubbish collection day for Hamilton Township. Collection will occur on Wednesday whenever a holiday falls on Tuesday. The blue tote should be at curbside by 6:30 AM.
    It is not recommended to leave the blue tote at the road side on non- collection days. Replacement totes must be requested from Republic Services. One additional bulk item will be accepted per week in addition to the contents of the tote.

  • Yard Waste Collection:
    Republic collects yard waste four days in the Spring and four days in the Fall. Brush must be bundled, no longer than 4 feet & 2” in diameter, less than 50 pounds, paper bags not plastic.

  • Recycling:
    A large Recycle dumpster is positioned at the township hall for use anytime, 24 x 7. Cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal are some of the items. A full list of items is posted on the township hall bulletin board.

    No sorting of the items is necessary.

    Hamilton Twp Recycling    Recycling